Financial Aid

CDA offers Financial Aid to those who qualify for it Maritime Welder Program

CDA accepts Title IV federal financial aid, Florida Prepaid, the GI Bill ®, State and VA Vocational Rehabilitation funding, Workforce Investment Act and works with Sallie Mae to provide private student loans, known as Smart Option loans, which are credit-based and may require a co-signer.  

Federal student loans are available, with an interest rate of 5.05% for the Subsidized Direct loan and the Unsubsidized Direct loan, and 7.6% for the Direct Parent Plus loan.

How to Start

Please complete Step 1 if you are interested in obtaining financial aid. CDA will then contact you regarding your eligibility, and at that time, please complete Steps 2 and 3 if you do want to borrow federal student loans.

Step 1

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Step 2

Complete Entrance Counseling Online
Students Sign your MPN electronically / Parents apply for Parent PLUS Loans

Step 3

Set up your personal account at Financial Aid Ready
Your go-to-resource on how to borrow for school, save money and budget wisely.

Additional Funding Options

If you need additional funding, you can apply through one of the loan links below. For more information, please contact CDA with any questions. We are happy to assist you with the financing process.

General Scholarship Searches

American Indian (Native American) Scholarships

The Native American Scholarship can be used towards the Maritime Welder Program. Applicant must provide proof of Native American, Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian.

American Welding Society

The American Welding Society offers a number of regional and national scholarships, fellowships, and loan programs including:

  • District Scholarships Program
  • Educators Scholarship
  • Engineering Your Future
  • Graduate Research Fellowships
  • International Scholarships
  • National Scholarships Program

Wells Fargo Student Loan for Career and Community Colleges

Wells Fargo offers fixed and variable rate loans. Please follow these instructions to apply:

  1. Choose CDA Technical Institute as the school
  2. Choose Career/Technical/Continuing Education as the Program
  3. Check the box "I am pursuing a degree, license, or multi-course certificate
  4. Choose Career Training as the Grade Level
  5. Choose Other as the Field of Study, and then type diving
  6. Choose Full-time as the Enrollment Status
  7. Type in the amount you're requesting
  8. Choose Citizenship status

Wells Fargo Customer Service 1-877-566-6733

CDA Technical Institute offers a wide variety of Financial Aid Options to Welding students

Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan Application

Customer Service: 1-855-756-5623 (855-SLM-LOAN) Entrance & Exit Counseling National Student Loan Data System

More Financial Aid Information: Financial Aid Information
Direct Loan Basics for Students Direct Loan Brochure for Students
Direct Loan Basics for Parents Direct Loan Brochure for Parents Florida Prepaid  GI Bill® Information

Access your account and find out more information about Federal loans through the Department of Education Direct Loan Website,

To access CDA's Net Price Calculator, please click here.

To access the most recent available statistics employment and graduation through IPEDS, click here.

Direct Loan Servicers:

Students who have Direct Loans will have one of the following companies servicing their loans.


Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.


FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA)

Direct Loan Servicing Center (ACS)

Crossover Period Policy:

For all classes that have a crossover payment period, CDA will pay the Pell Grant out of the current award year.  Students must have a valid FAFSA on file for the year which will be used to determine Federal Eligibility (grants and loans).

Please fill out the Current FAFSA with your appropriate tax return, if you filed (and/or your parents' information).  Please feel free to contact our Financial Aid Department for assistance with this process, we are here to help 888 974-2232.

If you start classes between April - June of the current year, you will be required to complete both the current and future FAFSA forms.


  1. CDA employees should receive no personal benefit.  No officer, trustee or employee of the CDA shall accept anything of more than nominal value on his or her behalf or on behalf of another person or entity from any Lending Institution.
  2. CDA employees should not serve on lender advisory boards for remuneration.
  3. CDA should not provide any advantage to a Lending Institution.
  4. CDA should make appropriate use of any Preferred Lender Lists. 

Loan Application and Solicitation Disclosures:

Sallie Mae Disclosure

Click here for the Link to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System

Click here for the 2018 Campus Security Report

Click here for CDA Technical Institute's Sexual Harassment Policy


 CDA Technical Institutes' Partner offers Scholarship:

NCCER and BYF are proud to offer this scholarship with HRCC to promote training opportunities that lead to successful construction careers. For more information, please visit or Please feel free to call the school (888 974-2232) and ask Financial Aid for details