Marine Welding

Marine Welding taught at CDA Technical Institute

Whether it’s on an offshore oil rig or deep within the hull of a large ocean liner, marine welders are always where the action is. As a marine welder, your career possibilities are vast and the financial compensation you could receive is unlimited. From ship welding, ship fitting and barge welding to offshore and underwater welding; marine welders bring the skills and training needed to keep shipyards, oil rigs and other marine-related facilities in working order.

If you’ve ever considered a profession in marine welding, the welding program at Jacksonville’s Commercial Diving Academy may be right for you. At Commercial Diving Academy, our marine welding programs give students the training they need to pursue top notch marine welding careers.

Additionally, our marine welding programs cover a variety of areas such as arc welding and iron working just to name a few. If you are serious about a marine welding career, and have ever thought a sea-side profession would be right for you – welding programs at Commercial Diving Academy can help you turn your dream into a reality.