Ship Welding

Ship Welding at CDA Technical Institute

Ship welding is a skilled trade dating back hundreds of years. And while the techniques used to create these vessels may have changed over time, the need for skilled ship welders and ship fitters has not. At Commercial Diving Academy, we give you the ship yard training and the skills you need to enter into the world of ship welding and other ship yard welding careers.

We offer one of the country's most comprehensive welding programs and train our students the ship welding techniques used in today’s busy ship wards. Additionally, our Jacksonville, Florida location gives us access to some of the ship welding industry’s most skilled fabrication experts and those career connections benefit our students year after year.

If you are ready to learn more about ship welding careers in Jacksonville, or want to learn how an education from Commercial Diving Academy can help put your ship welding career on the fast track, contact us today!