Shipyard Job Training

CDA Technical Institute trains shipyard welders

While the days of the Titanic are long over, ship fitting is still a lucrative and exciting profession. If you’ve ever considered a shipyard job, welding may be the right option for you. Shipyard welders are needed for everything from arc welding to ship fitting and besides excellent compensation; shipyard welders get the added benefit of spending their day sea side.

The first step in getting a shipyard job is to receive training in maritime welding. And the best place to get the training you need for the welding job you want is at Commercial Diving Academy in Jacksonville, Florida. At Commercial Diving Academy, our welding program combines training from some of the industries top welders and fabrication experts with sea side and ship yard opportunities to learn in a real world environment. Our accredited welding program teaches the skills you need for a career in welding, while our onsite training and job placement resources help you find work upon completing the welding program.

If you are serious about landing a shipyard job, or want to learn more about the training needed to become a professional shipyard welder, contact Commercial Diving Academy today!