Welding Careers

CDA Tech prepares its students for a wide variety of welding careers

welding career requires dedication, attention to detail, and standards of excellence that keep both welders and consumers safe. At CDA, we recognize that a welding career is not right for everyone.

The need for quality fabrication and master craftsmanship is at an all-time high. Welding jobs are as different as they are complex. Welding professionals must be proficient in creating steel structures that are built to exact specifications. These welders are in constant demand and earn top dollar.

CDA’s Welding Program is unique, complete, and comprehensive. The unmatched training provides all skill sets necessary to go to work immediately upon graduation. Our Maritime Welding Program is rigorous, demanding, and not for everyone. We require a full-time commitment and those who are interested in striving for excellence in a welding career.

If you are serious about a welding career and want to go to a welding program that focuses on the real-world experience, then CDA could be the right training for you. Call Admissions today at 888-974-2232 or request a career packet.

Learn more about the wide variety of welding careers available to graduates of CDA Technical Institute's Maritime Welding Program.