Welding Programs & Training


CDA Technical Institute provides welding programs and trainginThese days, the need for qualified welders is at an all time high. And welding programs and training opportunities seem to be popping up all over the country. In Jacksonville, Florida however, students at CDA Technical Institute are receiving the hands on training that makes them a sought after commodity in an otherwise down economy.

At Commercial Diving Academy, our welding program combines training from some of the industry's top welders and master fabricators with sea side opportunities to learn in a real-world environment. Our accredited welding program teaches the skills you need for a career in welding, while our onsite training and job placement resources help you find work upon completing the welding program.

From learning welding symbols to arc cutting, ship fitting to underwater welding, our welding school gives graduates welding training that goes beyond the booth. Think you have what it takes to join the country's most comprehensive welding schools? Contact us today!