Welding Safety Training

CDA Technical Institute's Maritime Welding Program helps you to succeed in the field of welding

A career in welding means that you have taken the time to learn a trade that requires dedication, attention to detail and standards of excellence that keep both welders and consumers safe. At Commercial Diving Academy we know that a welding career is not right for everyone. That’s why we demand the best from our welding students.

Students at Commercial Diving Academy are expected to follow our code of conduct at all times. We feel it’s one of the best ways to prepare our graduates for the real world welding experience. A career in welding means working in dangerous situations and under hazardous conditions and knowing the right procedures and protocol is just as important as having the right welding skills.

For those students who successfully complete the welding program at Commercial Diving Academy, the opportunities for a successful welding career are endless. Think you have what it takes for a career in welding? Contact Us today!