Welding Trades

CDA Technical Institute provide training in a variety of welding trades

If you are a professional welder, or have ever considered becoming one you should know that the trades available to you in today’s competitive market require rigorous welding training and education in a variety of welding specialties.

If you’ve ever considered a welding career, consider this: from commercial to industrial, maritime to robotic and machine welding – skilled welders have a variety of career paths to choose from. And, because fabrication is a highly skilled trade, welding offers individuals an opportunity to earn top dollar and work in a variety of locations. No longer the trade that is best learned on the floors of a steel shop, today’s welders are expected to know the theory, safety standards and skills that it takes to tackle some of the most challenging welding jobs in the industry.

The good news? If a welding trade would be a good fit for you, training programs are equipped to help teach you the welding skills you need to be marketable upon graduation. At Commercial Diving Academy, our welding programs combine training from top welders with opportunities to learn in a real world environment. Plus, our accredited welding program teaches the skills you need for a career in welding, while our onsite training and job placement resources help you find work upon completing the welding program.